The river was surging, and there was a cliff in front of it. Such a circle, layer upon layer down, under each level of the cliff waterfall, there is indeed a fierce beast guarding. Chiyou has been familiar with the anecdotes of the Great Wilderness since he was a child. He is familiar with the monsters of the Great Wilderness in history. These corpses guarding the pool are all famous monsters of the Great Wild. Had it not been for Chiyou’s early preparation to drive the sun away, I’m afraid there would have been another tribulation. At the edge of the ninth cliff, Chiyou drove the birds around. Suddenly, the wind was strong, the clouds and haze were scattered, and thousands of colorful lights were shot below. Through the heavy fog, he suddenly saw the magnificent scenery that he had never seen in his life. Chiyou drove the bird in circles, looking around in the air; there was a vast black fog overhead, and there were rolling clouds below, boundless and boundless. The wind was raging, the clouds were surging, and the sea was churning, dark and evil. Suddenly there was a flash of lightning, and it was bright all around. Somehow, he was suddenly in a huge and deep valley. In a flash of lightning, he saw that the mountains and valleys were about four thousand feet in length and breadth, and the cliffs were closed, and huge waterfalls were flying on the surrounding cliffs. The sound of the water roared, and the beginning could not be seen at the top and the end could not be seen at the bottom. The mist on that wall, like the white lines of snowy wave, edged the menacing black clouds with dazzling sil. The lightning is gone, and everything is dark again. Suddenly there was another “rumbling” thunderstorm, shaking the sky and shaking the earth. The dark clouds trembled and rippled, and the whole world seemed to collapse. Boom! There was a sudden loud noise below, and thousands of rays of sunshine soared into the sky, penetrating the vast fog. The sky and the earth are bright, and between the dark clouds and the dark fog, countless colorful light pillars are broken and flying,collapsible pallet box, rotating round and round, and the brilliant light is changing. The glare was strong, the incandescent and dazzling light soared into the sky, and the dark sea of clouds below immediately dissipated without a shadow. Colored light and white awn are projected on the vast black fog in the sky, and the light and shadow jump, stretch and change, forming countless shapes of demons and ghosts, which seem to be baring their teeth and claws on the top of their heads. Surrounded by huge waterfalls, roaring and roaring, flying and rushing, with great momentum. Under the reflection of color light, the broad waterfall is brilliant and shining with scarlet blood. In the surging waves of the waterfall,plastic pallet crates, thousands of white-bone ghouls cry and fall, and their cries resonate and swirl in the mountains and valleys, making them feel even more eerie and horrible with the shrill sound of the wind. The wind roared from below, and it was cold to the bone. Chiyou’s hair and clothes were hunting, and his eyes were blinded by the blazing light. Sun Wu, however, was very excited, howling, swooping and crisscrossing in the colored light, spreading his wings and flying high. Chiyou’s blue eyes are in full bloom, and he gazes down against the light. The depth below is unfathomable, the white light is dazzling, and countless red, green, silver, orange and black lights are flying like snakes, flying from the gully and rushing upward like lightning. Dazzling, magnificent, like countless fireworks burst flying, and like thousands of chrysanthemums in full bloom in the wind, competing for beauty. When billions of colored lights collide with each other, they emit a string of electric sparks, plastic pallet bins ,plastic pallet crates, accompanied by shrill cries, like howls and cheers. Surrounded by rolling waterfalls, the endless ghouls were thrown and danced by the huge waves, and when they hit the colorful light coming from the rush, they suddenly felt a sharp shock of pain and suddenly flew straight up. With a howl in his mouth and a cold and fierce light flashing in the whites of his eyes, he seemed to suddenly revive, flying vertically and horizontally, rushing into the surrounding waterfall curtain and disappearing without a trace. A Hu’s blue light head drifted in thousands of colorful lights, rotating toward the vast white light below the gully. “Ah Hu!” Cried Chiyou. Drive the birds down with electricity. Sun Wu was already eager to try, and when he heard his command, he immediately cried out, “whoosh” repeatedly, and rushed down like five rockets. The wind roars, the water rumbles, and the lights shine all around. Chiyou drove the bird to fly rapidly between the brilliant lights, and the colorful air arrows flew all over his body, and the cold blew on his face. When the gorgeous breath swept past his eyes, it suddenly twisted into a horrible ghost head, which suddenly became bigger, staring at him and roaring at him, and his ears kept ringing with strange cries and roars. Chi You said in his heart, “His grandmother’s laver and fish skin. Since these colored lights are divided into five colors, could it be that the spirits of the five clans rushed out of the ghost world?” Legend has it that heaven and earth are divided into five realms: the chaotic world, the human world, the fantasy world, the divine world and the ghost world, among which the chaotic world is the beginning of all things.
There are five primordial spirits in the Chaotic Realm, namely, Platinum Spirit, Green Wood Spirit, Black Water Spirit, Red Fire Spirit and Loess Spirit; they are also called Taiyi Jinzhen, Taiyi Muzhen, Taiyi Shuizhen, Taiyi Huozhen and Taiyi Tuzhen. These five divine consciousnesses are the fundamental source of the primordial spirits and souls of all things in the world. Like the sun, five kinds of primordial spirits are scattered and attached to all things in the world, and all things begin to have spirituality. All things in the human world are divided into five categories, namely, metal, wood, water, fire and earth, because of their different endoplasmic structures and the different proportions of the five primordial spirits attached to them. After the destruction of the human body, the weak primordial gods return to the five divine senses of the chaotic world, and after fusion, they disperse and escape and attach to the human body, that is, the afterlife. The powerful primordial spirit directly ascends into the immortal world and becomes the eternal individual divine consciousness, which is to ascend the immortal world. The immortal divine consciousness re-enters the human world and attaches to the human body, that is, reincarnation. Because of the heavy turbidity, it is difficult for the decadent primordial spirit to return to the chaotic world, let alone enter the fairy world, so it can only degenerate into the ghost world and become a ghost soul. Legend has it that ghosts are sealed in the underworld, or they turn into strands of Yin Qi that seep into the human world and become fireflies; or they gradually decompose and disappear, becoming the Qi of nothingness; or when the gate of death opens in July, they rush out of the ghost world and return to chaos. But it is said that whenever the gate of the underworld is wide open in July, there are always many fierce ghosts rushing to the human world, attaching themselves to the weak human body of the primordial spirit, devouring its divine consciousness and occupying its physical body. At the moment, the thousands of dancing colorful lights are gorgeous, ghostly and evil. Most of them are demons rushing out of the ghost world, so when they see the zombies rushing down from the surrounding waterfalls, they can’t wait to rush into them. As soon as Chiyou thought of this, he did not dare to be careless. Encouraged by his true spirit, he shook the colorful demons from all directions. The ghosts were hit by his Bimu True Qi, immediately twisted and deformed, screaming and roaring and fleeing, not daring to approach. The sun howled and roared,drum spill pallet, suddenly spewing out a mass of fire, burning the ghosts into smoke, howling and flying away.

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